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Somewhere, Nowhere, Nirvana, 0000.

Bobby Sweet sort son premier single de l’annĂ©e. La chanson intitulĂ©e ‘Taxi‘ est un morceau de musique court mais charmante addictif qui vous supplie d’appuyer sur le bouton replay. La chanson est une fusion de Post Punk & Indie Rock avec des voix rĂȘveurs qui sont Ă  la fois punchy et mĂ©lodique. ‘Taxi‘ sortira sur toutes les plateformes de streaming le 28 Mai 2021.


XXI- 14/05


NEW DEMO by Bobby Sweet.

I can’t believe this is my first release of 2021. Where have I been? I guess I’ve been working on a lot of stuff including my first music project. This song actually happened spontaneously. When I first heard the instrumental I just knew I had to get the melody out my head as quickly as possible. I don’t usually write any of my lyrics down so all my songs are more so a burst of creative energy. I stayed up the whole night just tryna record everything. I’m a perfectionist but I don’t have a lot to work with studio wise so I’m always fixated on getting the mix as close to good sounding as possible, then comes the master. The song is basically about a boy who playfully compares his relationship to this girl to the relationship between a cab driver and their passenger. Whether it’s a friendship or a kind of sexual relationship, I don’t know to be honest. I kind of left that open to interpretation. It’s just a relationship that never crosses over into love. He just ‘takes care of her’ or so to speak. The song is definitely about youth. It’s about being lost and not really knowing what you want from yourself, let alone what you might want from other people. It’s about falling in love with the strangeness that life brings and starting to resent all the familiar. I feel like we all do that sometimes. Like how we always dream about living somewhere else, being someone else, needing something different. I guess that’s the second meaning behind the song. When you enter a cab, you’re usually going somewhere familiar, like home or work or you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before. I guess both the boy and the girl in my story are trying to run away from everything they know but at the same time, they have each other and that’s sort of the home they bring with them.


Sweet Nova

NEW DEMO by Bobby Sweet.

I feel like this song is kinda corny but in a good way. It’s about liking someone who only sees you as an option, who only texts you when their drunk and only misses you when their bored. It’s something I can relate to personally so I guess that’s where the inspiration came from but usually when I write love songs I just make up the scenario in my head. It’s pretty much a punk song which I guess is slowly becoming my default genre but there’s elements of Pop and New Wave in there as well. It took me the whole day to record it and about three hours to get the mix right. As soon as I heard the first mixdown, I knew there was something missing so I went back and added more layers to all the vocals. I wanted it to sound a lot more melodic and I wanted the hook to be catchy. I’m happy with the way it turned out in the end. It’s been pretty hard for me to release new music lately. I struggle a lot with my self confidence as well as my mental health. I hope people like it though but even if they don’t, it’s cool. I had fun making it.

‘Sweet Nova’ a Ă©tĂ© Ă©crit et composĂ© par Bobby Sweet. La musique a Ă©tĂ© enregistrĂ©e et mĂ©langĂ©e dans Garageband Ă  l’aide d’un iPad Mini. L’instrument a Ă©tĂ© produit par l’IOF. La chanson est fortement influencĂ©e par l’ùre Pop Punk des annĂ©es 00, mais a aussi des couches de New Wave et Indie Rock. Il a un crochet accrocheur et un couplet trĂšs punchy qui est dĂ©corĂ© dans des mĂ©lodies lacĂ©es autotune, mĂ©langeant quelque chose de nouveau avec quelque chose de nostalgique.

‘Smells like MTV’ a Ă©tĂ© Ă©crit et composĂ© par Bobby Sweet. Le titre de la chanson est un signe de sens Ă©vident et un hommage Ă  nirvana ‘fostered’ chanson pop, ‘Smells like Teen Spirit.’ L’Instrumental qui a Ă©tĂ© produit par Kudyo porte un son grunge lourd que Bobby Intensifies avec des voix amplifiĂ©es et des mĂ©lodies rĂȘveuses. Le point culminant de la chanson sont cependant les paroles et ils correspondent parfaitement Ă  l’émotion globale de la piste.


XX- 12/11

Smells Like MTV

OUT NOW by Bobby Sweet.

Growing up in the 90’s, MTV was my first glimpse into uncensored television. It felt like something parents didn’t want us kids to watch and that only added to the appeal. It felt punk. Like if Grunge had it’s own TV Channel. It was the age of Rock music at the time and Rap was slowly sneaking it’s way into the house party. The headline was ‘All our idols were bad Influences,’ and they were probably right but teenagers are dumb, we think bad is bad but cooler than good. I guess when I wrote this song I was thinking about how my life is just one chaotic bull-sphere of emotion. It’s the diaries of a teenage dirtbag; a dumb MTV reality show. “I don’t think I’ll make it past the sunset” means I don’t think I’ll make it very far in life. I don’t know if the thrill of being a Rockstar is to live fast and die young but I don’t think I aspire to be a Rockstar. My life moves very slowly but even at this pace, it’s terrifying.


Before The World Ends

OUT NOW by Bobby Sweet

I woke up feeling like a dumpster fire and asked myself, how can I translate this into music? I’m pretty impulsive in the sense that my emotions generally control my actions but I’m also extremely passive which means, me being angry isn’t getting up and punching someone in the face, it’s me silently vaporizing everyone’s existence in my mind lol. Truthfully though, I usually just write about about how I’m feeling. A lot of times the medium I use is a poetry or it could be a movie I’m working on or a diary entry, This time it was a song. One thing I discovered about depression is that it acts as a blackhole, sucking up all your other emotions. Being angry makes me depressed, being sad makes me depressed, being happy makes me depressed. I’m in a constant state of feeling like my life is already over and that everything I love is slowly dying, so that’s what I wrote the song about. I wanted my thoughts to match the sound and the sound to match vocals so I went full emo on this one. I remember my mom coming home from work and opening the room of my door to tell me that she could hear me yelling from outside. I was like, cool. Guess that makes me a neighborhood delinquent.

‘Before The World Ends’ a Ă©tĂ© Ă©crit et composĂ© par Bobby Sweet et produit par Flight. L’hymne Alternative Rock vous emmĂšne dans un court voyage nostalgique des annĂ©es 00 InfluencĂ©, punchy, Pop Punk voix Ă  lo-fi, chant ambiant. Le single est le plus grand succĂšs de Bobby. Amassant prĂšs de 60, 000 piĂšces sur SoundCloud en un peu plus d’un mois.

Scott Turner Interviews Bobby Sweet.

“I woke up feeling like a dumpster fire and said how can I translate this into music” says Bobby as he explains the writing process behind his surprise release, ‘Before The World Ends’ which dropped earlier this month. â€Š read more.

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There’s No Place Like Somewhere Else.

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